Good Thinking, Well Crafted.

Good thinking, well crafted.

Author: Bruce Sinclair

Good thinking, well crafted. – We’re Idea Studio. A brand new advertising agency. Just what the world needs eh? Another ad agency, ugh.Well, hold on a second. If you look around, there’s a lot of bad work out there. We all see it everyday. But why? Sometimes it’s the fear of risk. Sometimes it’s because the client wants to say it all and we can’t help them focus. But most often it’s because agencies are set on making more money instead of doing good work. How ironic that usually the real money follows good work. It rarely works the other way around.

It’s actually an easy trap to fall into. Every agency needs to make payroll and many need to report strong quarters to New York, Chicago or Paris. Today, we’re all concerned about protecting our jobs to keep food on the table, so we play it safe. We cut the time it takes to make good work, and to make work good. But when we forget the craft of creating ideas that generate results, we all lose.
We’re here because we want to be, and we’re looking forward to breaking our backs for a few brave clients who understand that although everything seems to have changed, great ideas still come from a blank piece of paper, a pencil, and hard work.